Bone Marrow Transplants

Bone Marrow Donation

In about 20 percent of cases, bone marrow is collected from the pelvic bone under a full anesthetic using a thin, sterile needle. As a rule, two small incisions at the back of the pelvic bone are all that is required. The riskiest part of the procedure is essentially the anesthetic. About 5 percent of the bone marrow is removed, which the body fully regenerates. Some donors experience localized pain from the incision, which often feels like bruising. The donor spends 3 days in hospital. On the first day you check in, on the second you have the procedure, and on the third you are discharged.

Hay muchas maneras de apoyarnos
Registrarte como potencial donante de células madre sanguíneas es lo primero, pero también puedes difundirnos, organizar una campaña o levantar fondos.